Born in Tehran, Iran.

Study in the UK & based in Dubai.

Mozhdeh Z.G. research and practice orbits around conflicts and contradictions, interrogate the human metamorphosis in confrontation with transformative "changes" within a poetic composition. Challenging the movement of surrealism and minimalism, her study of phenomenology melds to the corporeality of mind in acts of making art. 


During her Master in Fine Arts course at the University for Creative Arts in the UK, her preoccupied concepts coincided with developing ideas around human existence, philosophic thoughts and psychological theories. She began to explore the relationship between concept and form in a diverse range of media, including painting, photography, installation, sculpture, works on paper, motion art, etc.


Mozhdeh born in the post-revolution era of Iran in Tehran and grew up in the Iran-Iraq war. Her childhood sprouts under the shadow of war and her life shapes in the aftermath and chaos of the war. She left her homeland and live outside her native country for over a decade where she becomes a foreigner, who strives to identify the unknowns —pin herself on the map of existence. All these experiences, diversity and paradoxes, deeply influenced and shaped her perception that grew into her form of art.

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